Most lenders, regardless of whether it is about getting a loan online or traditionally require the same documents to approve the loan. Make sure you take care of these documents before meeting the lender to speed up the tracking of the loan application. Here is a general list of possible sources of income that are accepted by loan companies, so some of the documents may not apply to you. The selected lender will definitely confirm the documents you need.


Sources of funding


What will be the best depends on the required capital and the time when it is needed. A bank loan is the amount of funds borrowed for a specified period in the agreed repayment schedule. The repayment amount will depend on the size and duration of the loan and interest.

Many people use bank loans as part of their financial structure. In fact, bank loans are more accessible to well-off people, but as it turns out – not only an employment contract is the only source of income accepted by loan companies. They can also include:

  • family benefits (such as a 500+ program or other benefit)
  • pensions
  • survivor

There are also many other additional financing documents. For example, it could even be documentation of an existing loan, including the start date of the loan, the loan period. The last six months’ benefits regarding income statements are also good proof.


The borrower’s credibility

borrow money

Lenders look at how our creditworthiness lies – based on simple things – clear documents. We should also remember about a good credit history, because in the eyes of the insurer, exceeding the credit limit is a cardinal sin. It is better to have two accounts at the half-limit level than one used per max. The length of your credit history also matters. It should be remembered that at an early age you can start working to obtain maximum creditworthiness by opening a visa account and faithfully paying off the balance each month. You can never borrow money, but if you do – you can consider a car loan. A two-year payment record of this type will significantly increase your position among potential lenders.

It is also preferred to use different types of loans, such as mortgages, credit cards, car loans and personal credit lines. A diverse mix is ​​characteristic of someone with a long credit history.

Proof of income

Note the two key words ‘proof’ and ‘income’. Your hard work is starting to pay off right now. Even at a time when contracts and freelancing are widely accepted, regular employees with regular payments have an advantage over someone who is self-employed with financial instability – although, of course, entrepreneurs who submit relevant documents can also apply for a loan.